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The Save Clean Energy Rally on Saturday, December 4 was great, thanks to those that came! You can see photos in the various News Coverage

Recent Stanford/MIT Report Makes Importance of Diablo Canyon Clear

See: An Assessment of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant for Zero-Carbon Electricity, Desalination, and Hydrogen Production

About Us

Monterey Bay for Nuclear Power consists primarily of people who live in the Monterey Bay area who are concerned about California's failure to follow the recommendations of major international science organizations such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the International Energy Agency. Both make clear that nuclear power is an essential tool in our fight to mitigate climate change.

The Biden Administration agrees. It advocates keeping existing nuclear plants open for the duration of their useful lifetimes as these plants currently provide over 50% of U.S. low carbon electricity. The Administration also advocates and helps fund efforts to deploy advanced nuclear technology such as small modular reactors that can be mostly factory built, deployed relatively quickly and can fill in for the variable and intermittent power produced by solar and wind.

But California is planning on shutting down its last source of nuclear power--Diablo Canyon Power Plant--even though we spent close to $1 billion ensuring the plant could run until at least 2045 and despite the fact that the plant provides close to 10% of California's electricity and 20% of California's GHG-free electricity. And it provides this power 24/7. This premature closure is political and will set back California's carbon reduction goals by many years. It is the equivalent of taking down all existing wind turbines in California or removing near half of California's solar installations.

The main goals of Monterey Bay for Nuclear Power are to keep Diablo Canyon Power Plant running until 2045 and beyond and to push California to adopt advanced nuclear as part of its climate mitigation efforts. In effect, we're pushing California to follow the science.

For more information specific to the Diablo Canyon Power Plant closure, see: Diablo Canyon FAQ

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Monterey Bay for Nuclear Power was started by Kris and Steve of the Monterey Bay area. You can reach Steve at shwilliams54321@gmail.com.

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